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AWS Project Management

We can provide overall mangement of any AWS project, whether that be an existing project you need the management taken care of or a brand new project where you need help planning, installing and on-going management of your AWS infrastructure. We have extensive experience of the AWS toolset and platforms available as well as embedding our own tools within AWS APIs to enhance management further. Our AWS project management services provides you with a high level overview of your AWS infrastructure, monitoring, costs and security via monthly reporting.



AWS Infrastructure Management

We can manage your AWS infrastructure and take care of critical tasks such as system updates and monitoring. Within AWS there is a large range of potential instance types, from EC2 instances to RDS databases, it can be a nightmare to properly manage and patch systems on time and to set standards if you don’t know how to manage AWS well. Thankfully this is where Netzen can help. We can install and setup patch management across all ranges of operating systems from Windows to Linux and help deploy, manage and monitor patching to meet compliance in an automated fashion.

Sample EC2 infrastructure management


Sample EC2 patch management


AWS Infrastructure Monitoring (EC2/RDS)

We can setup and integrate our monitoring tools directly into Amazons API to provide an enhanced visualisation of all AWS metrics (disk space, cpu usage, memory usage, disk write/read io etc). Monitoring of EC2 instances or RDS has never been easier thanks to our monitoring tools that will proactive alert you should specific metric thresholds be triggered. Common tasks such as monitoring disk space, free memory and CPU utilisation will no longer be a problem as you will receive email or text alerts should an event be triggered. AWS EC2 monitoring (or RDS) allows us to create baseline readings to understand normal operating behavior and create alerts to notify you when metrics go above and beyond normal operating levels. Once an alert is received we will continue to monitor the problematic metric (e.g. free memory) and only disarm the alerts when normal operations resumes. Upon initial setup we will establish a series of runbook operations that should be performed should any metric alerts get triggered e.g. restart service or reboot server or simply to notify you the customer of the problem. We are able to monitor all EC2 instance types (Windows or Linux) and any RDS database type.

Sample RDS/EC2 metric monitoring


AWS Security Management / Monitoring

We can proactively manage and monitor the security of your AWS infrastructure, whether this be through security groups we create and the implementation of access levels or through managed antivirus and instruction detection systems to actively manage threats against your EC2/RDS or overall AWS infrastructure. On going cyber security threat reduction is now a fundamental part of IT operations and we utilise the very best security vendors to ensure your systems remain secure and stable. We are also able to perform CREST approved penetration tests and vulnerability scans on a one-off or scheduled basis against your AWS infrastructure should you need them for compliance purposes or you simply wish to healthcheck your level of security.

Sample AWS Intrusion Detection System / Security Monitoring

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