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Premium fully managed dedicated servers

All our dedicated servers come with the following as standard

  • SLA response time guarantee for support requests.
  • 24/7 monitoring of the server hardware (disk/memory/cpu status).
  • 24/7 uptime monitoring of your webapp/website with text alerts.
  • Patch management ensuring your operating system stays secure.
  • Managed anti-virus solution to protect the dedicated server from threats.
  • Industry leading firewall solutions (Cisco/Juniper).
  • Hardware build to scale – all of our servers can be scaled to suit your needs as you grow.
  • Automatic backups of entire server every 6 hours allowing easy restores if required.
  • Unmetered data connection.
  • Dedicated public IP or IPs.
  • UK based IT support team.

Optional Extras

  • Load balancing and failover synchronised servers
  • Monthly vulnerability scans and security testing
  • WordPress fully managed dedicated servers
  • Penetration Testing and Cyber Security compliance

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    What do you need a dedicated server for?


    Why get a fully managed dedicated server?

    1) Dedicated resources

    As the hardware is yours and yours alone, you get full usage of the hardware, which means you can maximise your CPU, memory and disk space out until you need us to adjust the environment variables and give you more CPU/memory or disk space. This means you get better performance than on a shared hosting environment as the physical hardware is solely yours.

    2) Data confidentiality and integrity

    Since the server is only accessed by your business, your data confidentiality is improved as there are fewer people accessing the server. Shared servers have the inherent problem of mulitple businesses accessing the same resources and there are greater chances of confidentiality or data integrity issues (corruption), as more people use the same resources/system.

    3) Complying with GDPR and privacy standards

    If your business holds personal data or sensitive data, having a fully managed dedicated server adds an extra layer of security to that data. The need for more in-depth assessments is reduced as there are no other potential data processors in the equation and that reduces the complexity and effort needed to achieve GDPR and other privacy standards.

    4) Security is improved

    As you are the only business using the server, the overall likelyhood of a security breach is reduced. Having multiple clients on a single server will greatly increase the amount of cyber attacks on the server due to more websites being exposed. Should one of the clients websites become compromised there are increased chances that the attacker could further compromise the systems internally to gain access to your data or other customers. Having a dedicated server with only your website/webapp operating on it significantly reduces the chance of an attack happening as you are the only tenant on the server.

    5) Hardware is covered

    The physical hardware has been purchased by us, you do not need to pay large upfront hardware costs or any on-going hardware replacement costs as you expand. We maintain and manage all of the hardware and have lots of capacity ready for when you need to expand your business, we can scale the hardware as you grow with minimal downtime.



    Frequently Asked Questions

    It’s a server that is dedicated to your website/webapp, not shared with other customers.

    We can have servers setup within 6 hours.

    We have datacentres in London, Manchester and York.

    Yes we can provide servers within the EU and USA.

    Yes, we can setup server clusters/replication and load balancing solutions.

    Yes we are all based in the UK.

    Yes we can provide dedicated servers without management/monitoring.