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Linux Support that is UK based

Linux Support for Businesses, low licensing costs, increased stability & security. Linux is highly attractive to businesses especially for web related applications. Netzen provide Linux Server Support for companies with the following options:

  • SLA Response time
  • Break / Fix Support
  • Security update & patching
  • On Site / Remote / Telephone Support
  • Monitoring & Security

Call Netzen now on 01173 250 152 to discuss Linux Support solutions for your business.

Ubuntu Linux Support UK

Netzen offer Support for Ubuntu Linux in the UK, for more details call 01173 250 152. 

CentOS Linux Support UK

Netzen offer Support for CentOS Linux in the UK, for more details call 01173 250 152.  CentOS is an Enterprise-class Linux distribution derived from sources freely provided to the public by a prominent North American Enterprise Linux vendor. CentOS conforms fully with the upstream vendors redistribution policy and aims to be 100% binary compatible. (CentOS mainly changes packages to remove upstream vendor branding and artwork.) CentOS is free.

Redhat Linux Support UK

Netzen provide support for RHEL (Redhat Enterprise Linux), which is arguably the most popular Linux distribution and biggest company contributing to open source.

Call Netzen on 01173 250 152 now to discuss how we can help your business support Redhat Servers.

On one certified platform, Red Hat Enterprise Linux offers your choice of:

  • Applications – Thousands of certified ISV applications
  • Deployment – Including standalone or virtual servers, cloud computing, or software appliances
  • Hardware – Wide range of platforms from the world’s leading hardware vendors

This gives IT departments unprecedented levels of operational flexibility. And it gives ISVs unprecedented market reach when delivering applications. Certify once, deploy anywhere. All while providing world-class performance, security, and stability. And unbeatable value.

This is why Red Hat is the platform of choice.

Redhat is normally the choice for production systems, and used in many enterprise’s which is mainly down to Redhats popularity, vendor support and 3rd party support. Netzen have used RHEL for various server roles, below is a brief overview:

  • Mail Server (Postfix,Sendmail, Dovecot)
  • SSH Server
  • Web Server (HTTPD / Apache)
  • Xen
  • VNC
  • LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP)

We can help with common Linux administration task like:

  • Install, remove and update packages on your Linux system.
  • Create, delete and modify users and groups in Linux
  • Manage file system permissions for users and groups in Linux
  • Manage network interfaces, printers and printer queues in Linux
  • Write shell or other scripts to perform routine Linux system admin tasks
  • Manage your LAMP installations
  • Setup Linux repositories and version control systems
  • Manage the backup of your Linux server through rsync and other tools
  • Look after te security of your Linux server through our proactive management services.
  • Network configuration and monitoring of Linux servers
We support almost any version or Linux or Unix call us for more details on 01173 250 152 or fill in an online IT Support quote.