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What is Security as a Service or SECaaS?

Security as a Service (SECaaS) is an increasingly popular way for companies to keep tabs of all aspects of their cyber security and compliance. SECaaS is essentially a cloud based solution that lets businesses manage all aspects of cyber security through outsourced cybersecurity professionals like ours. SECaaS lets you harness the power of trained cyber security professionals through a web based solution that will take care of all aspects of your businesses cyber security so you don’t have to hire expensive full time or contractor staff to do the job.

Netzen can provide Security as a Service that will include:

  • UK accredited penetration testers (CREST)
  • On-going security monitoring of your digital assets
  • Scheduled vulnerability assessments / penetration tests
  • Infrastructure & web application penetration testing
  • Cyber Essentials compliance
  • Virtual CISO, DPO and Ethical Hacker consultations and advice
  • Cyber security processes and policy management for your business
  • Intrusion Detection Systems and SIEM log / event monitoring
  • Dedicated UK and US Security Operating Centres (SOC)

Contact us for a quote on 01628 200 555 or to discuss SECaaS for your business.

What and who is a CISO?

CISO stands for Chief Information Security Officer. A CISO is a senior officer of a company that is responsible for organising the vision, strategy and direction a company takes in order to maintain high levels of cyber security protection.

Netzen can provide virtual CISOs to organisations that need consultation and guidance in the cyber security space. As part of our SECaaS solution we have CISOs on standby to help bring your companies cyber security up to a high standard. This is done by consultation and livechat to find out how your business runs, where critical information is stored, how it is accessed and how it can be protected.

The long term benefits of continuous security will ensure security weaknesses are identified and processes are put in place before hackers can exploit vulnerabilities, leaving your business reputation and security intact.

What and who are DPOs?

DPO stands for Data Protection Officer. A data protection officers job is to drill down into the data layers of your business, find out how you store data, why it is stored how it is and come up with a plan to better protect your data and ensure compliance for standards like GDPR. This is a relatively new role and it’s important that GDPR and compliance is managed efffectively throughout a business to ensure they receive no fines. It’s also important for the DPOs to work with CISOs and penetration testers/ethical hackers to ensure your data is safe and secure.

Our virtual DPOs available within our SECaaS will analyse your data and learn how you track, delete, handle and secure it to ensure it meets GDPR compliance.

Who are Ethical Hackers?

Ethical hackers are in the cyber security industry professionally known as penetration testers. Penetration testers are technically skilled individuals who are paid to find vulnerabilities in IT systems, exploit them and document their findings along with how to remediate the vulnerabilties. The ethical hacking and penetration testing process aims to find flaws in your systems and allow you to patch/close the flaws before any outside hacker takes advantange of them and hacks into your system.

It is now becoming a more frequent component of compliance, especially when handling card information (PCI-DSS), that you have frequent on-going vulnerability assessments or penetration tests carried out. Our SECaaS allows for scheduled penetration tests or vulnerability assessments to take place allowing you to keep on top of your compliance requirements.

What are the benefits of Security as a Service (SECaaS)?

SECaaS is a relatively new concept and helps your business achieve the following:

  • Centralised management of all your cyber security, data and compliance
  • Continuous cyber security testing and protection
  • Infrastructure & web application penetration testing
  • Cyber Essentials compliance management
  • Virtual CISO, DPO and Ethical Hacker consultations and advice
  • Cyber security processes and policy management for your business
  • Real-time security events management through log auditing (SIEM)

How do I engage Netzen’s Security Team?

Businesses from around the world have come to use Netzen to help manage their cyber security, fill out the form below to get in touch with one of our cyber security experts.

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