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Fix Slow Printing Sage Accounts Invoices

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7 April 2022, by , in IT Support, Comments off

Are you running Sage Cloud Accounts and suffering from lock-ups or slow print preview and printing, where Sage gets stuck on Exporting the invoice/statement/report to the printer for 30 seconds or more?

We tested the following fixes in Sage Cloud Accounts v28 and found sigificant improvements in printing speed.

Please conduct the following steps to fix slow printing in Sage Accounts:

  1. Reboot your PC and the printer to see if it helps
  2. Ensure you can ping your network printer if you are using a shared printer and ping times are low and stable. If you get ping times which fluctuate investigate your network speeeds/stability
  3. Install the latest print driver on your PC or server if you have a mapped printer
  4. Try to avoid bypassing mapped printer connections and always install the printer locally enabling you to print direct to the printer rather than going through another PC/server
  5. Ensure you are on the latest version of Sage Cloud Accounts
  6. Go to Control Panel within Windows and Programs and Features. Click on Sage Cloud Accounts and do a REPAIR installation. This fixes corrupt files and often immediately resolves slow print issues.

If you are still struggling with slow printing, perform the following extra diagnostics to pinpoint where the issue is coming from:

  1. See if printing from another computer has the same slow printing issue, if it does you know it’s likely a network/printer issue rather than Sage software.
  2. Temporarily disable your antivirus or firewall software and see if printing improves. If this helps ask your IT administrator to exclude Sage files from the firewall/antivirus
  3. Ensure your user account has local admin rights
  4. Reload Sage with Demo Company data, see if printing is slow or fast. If fast it could be you need to amend your templates and reduce the size of your sage database by performing Sage Cleanup