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Sharing Files To All Users on a Mac

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25 February 2016, by , in IT Support, Mac, Comments off

If you need to share folders/files with all users on your network from a Mac, follow this quick 5 step guide:


  1. Go to system preferences > sharing > enable file sharing by ticking the box
  2. Then select the folder you wish to share with the plus button.
  3. Select ‘Everyone’ from the users list and ensure you grant the user the correct permissions. E.g for all users to have read/write access to all share files you would select read/write.
  4. Next go back to system preferences, and into the user accounts area, press the unlock icon to allow you to make changes.
  5. Enable the Guest account to login to the computer and tick the boxes that allow guests to access network shared folders.

That’s it, your Mac shared folder will now be accessible on your network for all other computers to browse to through Finder > Shared Items on the left. Just double click the computer name.