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25 February 2016, by , in Infographics, Comments off
Here we have a great infographic that we found on the Virgin website that provides information about the evolution of the computer. The infographic starts off in 1613 when the term computer was coined and used to describe people who performed calculations or computations and goes all the way through to 2013 when Sony released the...
25 February 2016, by , in Mac, Comments off
If you need to share folders/files with all users on your network from a Mac, follow this quick 5 step guide:   Go to system preferences > sharing > enable file sharing by ticking the box Then select the folder you wish to share with the plus button. Select ‘Everyone’ from the users list and...
27 November 2015, by , in Windows, Comments off
It appears Microsoft have now removed support for Exchange 2007 within Office 2016/Outlook 2016. Traditionally Microsoft only support the latest three versions of Exchange which for Outlook 2016 are: Exchange 2016 Exchange 2013 Exchange 2010 Anything other than this will not work, and you will get the following message: “The resource that you are trying...
3 November 2015, by , in Dell, Comments off
You can find a Dell Service Tag very easily in Windows from the command prompt. Just run the command prompt as administrator, and type in the following to get your Dell Service Tag: wmic bios get serialnumber You can also find a Dell Model number within Windows by typing this: wmic csproduct get vendor,name,identifyingnumber