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Why use Outsourced IT Support

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17 July 2018, by , in IT Support, Comments off

We’ve come up with 5 great reasons you should think about outsourcing your IT support.


Collective technical ability

Let’s face it, technical problems can vary in complexity, you may be fixing a printer issue one day and the next be working on a complex network routing issue. When you have a team of IT support engineers who have worked in the industry many years, the collective knowledge at your disposal is far greater than having a small in-house team. With a team of experienced engineers that you can outsource your problems to you will likely get the issue resolved quickly due to the collective knowledge available. This means you not only get a better IT resource to use for technical issues, but you also get superior problem resolution times.




Save on IT costs

Outsourced IT support typically costs a business less than employing someone full time to manage the IT of a business. Most SMEs have one IT manager to take care of the computer systems, and perhaps one or two engineers if a the organisation is a little larger. You are then locked into paying large salaries each month and have all the additional ‘red tape’ that comes with employment such as paying into pensions and organising holiday cover for when staff are on leave. When you outsource your IT support you will most likely be saving significant money, getting better support and advise on how to tackle IT issues. Why pay a full time salary when you could pay for how much work is actually involved in maintaining your systems and networks?




Don’t just ‘get by’

If you are a small business and just getting by using someone in-house who has a bit of technical knowledge, you could be putting your IT systems at risk. A lot of businesses we take on are using staff who they deem technical to manage IT systems, and after speaking to us realise there are plenty of things that could be done better. These members of staff are often taken away from their main job role, which reduces productivity and means they end up wasting time trying to fix IT issues. We often find incorrect solutions have been applied to technical problems that have been ‘fixed’ by non-technical staff members. Why put your business at risk by not using an IT professional?






Industry leading advise

When dealing with an outsourced IT support company such as Netzen, you will receive advise and knowledge that we have gained over the years of working in the IT sector. This can be especially useful when planning projects or making major changes to your IT infrastructure, ensuring you get the correct advise that will safeguard the business IT systems and future proof them with emerging technology. Without this advise and knowledge you could potentially be throwing money away by purchasing incorrect or legacy hardware and software solutions.






Business continuity and avoiding downtime

Deciding to go it alone on the IT front can be a risky business. If you do not seek expert IT advise when making a business continuity plan you could be left with a large hole in your plan. Due to the rise in malware and ransomware attacks in recent years we have sadly had to help many businesses recover from days of downtime due to data loss and lack of professional business continuity planning. A lapse in effective IT security planning and backup systems could result in large scale system wide problem should a member of staff get infected by malicious software. Netzen can help prevent such attacks and provide managed security solutions to help defend your network from new Ransomware attacks and other security threats as we offer professional IT cyber security services.